Addition Of New Tamil Rooms

Right now, we have added multiple chat room pages to focus on future room updates. Here is the list of chat pages we have added in our tamilchatz page.

These are the just a foundation stones laid on the ground to build this massive tamil community from ground to sky level. There are much more rooms page to be added in coming days in future to cover all tamilnadu states and cities. We are trying our best to gather all tamil speaking people under one roof. We are tamilians and we will rule the world with love and prosperous.

Room Update:

We have to remove pondi chat room to avoid people getting spread in all room at this time period. We should stay united and welcome all new chatters, that gives people a little spark to send a hai and hello in the chat window.

Suri is promoted as Chat Admin. Hope he does a better job and keep the room clean and safe place for everyone to gather in. We call admins are the sheriff of this little town, hope the justice get served to the people of tamilchatz.

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