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Canada Tamil Chat Room is a dedicated tamil chat page for chatters who are from Canada and their native speaking language is tamil. Tamils are proud to have their origin situated in canada and have a vast community of groups. This place helps you to find a local canadian located tamil chatters to chat without any limits. Our chat room serves a purpose of connecting two hearts from anywhere around the world. If you are in canada and want to get in touch with other local tamil community people from canada, this is the right place to start saying hai and hello.

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In the early 1970s Sri Lankan’s started to migrate from their own country to Canada due to the civil war that happened between the year of 1970s and 2000s. Which made them form a large community in canada. Tamil canadians is the largest community and tamil is the third major language spoken in canada compared with other indian languages.

Canada is not just populated with Sri Lankan Tamils, there are migrants from South Asia countries like India, Singapore, Malaysia and more other countries too. At the early stage of migration the population of tamil community was growing faster than any other community in Canada. But recent stats show there is a decline of population growth for tamils in Canada. We should encourage kids to speak in tamil language and keep the language as our mother tongue rather than teaching them english as the mainstream communal language. Our chat helps the community to interact with other people out there in this world. This helps you to learn more about our tamil culture and heritage. Lets bring our tamil community back again #1 community in Canada.

Purpose of having Canada Tamil Room?

Everything has its own purpose in this world. The creation of this Canada tamil room is to connect tons of hearts which were scattered throughout this world with the separation of countries and borders. We provides a unique platform to connect all tamil speaking chatters from Canada and all over the earth. You can sing a song here. You can send tons of unlimited text messages to your loved ones. You can do everything that you do in your messaging applications. There is one and only slight difference from other common messaging applications. We have a group of real chatters in the main lobby and you can choose the right one from there.

தமிழ் ஒன்றே மதங்களையும், நாடுகளையும் கடந்து நம் அனைவரையும் சேர்க்கும் கருவியாகும். தமிழ் வாழ்க தமிழர்கள் வாழ்க்கை மேம்பட, தமிழர்களின் கை மேல் ஓங்குக