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Other tamil chat rooms dakalaties.

Recently there are lot of new chat sites are popping up. The main reason for this is because of the corona virus and the strict lock-down. People are bored and lot of guys got nothing to do. There are few newbies started a chat sites and keep running over here and there for users for their site. If you need chatters for your new chat site, what will you do?. You may advertise the site and gather people from search engine or social networks right?. But our immature admins who run other sites are wanted to have chatters from other live chat sites which have active users as their regulars.


And some site owners do keep fake user counts like the total active users shows more than 100+ people on the time, but reality is different. There is a chat software which shows even offline users as active users. By this way they trick on new chatters with massive show off that they have too many active users in the room. In reality there will be only 10 people the most as active chatter.


What if we show fake users as active real users? what if tamilchatz.com can do it?. And what is the point?. You may keep the new chatters for few minutes in the room. But then what? they will leave the site with frustration and wont even need to come back again. We are proud to serve a better real active chat room than creating fake accounts and do tricks on real chatters.


People are here to find a new friend or a chat with a stranger. Why do we need to send them to the graveyard to talk alone with the dead non active chatters id?. That doesn’t make any sense at all. People should not be tricked ON, they deserve to chat with real people. So we tamilchatz stay with the current procedure and rules how do we count the active users and show the active state of the chatters.

Stay safe and Stay Connected With Us.


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