Why did we start tamilchatz?

What motivates us and why we had to start a chat site just for tamil people?. You may have several questions on your head, why these people keep creating a new chat site, when there are hundreds of existing chat room out there.

Each and every site have its own history of the beginning, me personally gave a chance to this site to stand against infront of all chats out there. We are competing with top chat sites to run along with them in this internet race and we sure will win this race and get the crown jewel.

What makes us unique and why tamilchatz should be chose as our chat site?. You may have your own taste of opinion to which site you have to be in and which site you have to select to spend your time. We have only one simple moto in our mind “simple and fast”.

Our site is very very simple to use and our chat conversations are quicker than any other chats out there. This is not just some kind of false advertisement and tricking people to join in our chat room. No absolutely not.

Now lets get back to the real question why?. Providing a free chat site is not that easy, and giving a free international tamil chat for all is not that easy job. We protect our users and value their stay in our site. So, we created a spam free, harassment free and abuse free chat room. That’s our main reason for starting this chat room.