An Active Tamil Chat Room

Uff, its hard to manage a chat site. Trust me i got more experience in this field. Anyway we manage to run this place with quite a few people now. Right now we reach about 15-20 total users at our peak time. Yup that’s the sign of chat being more active with regular chatters. chat room is managed by suri and his team member :). They are quite good at chatting and trolling each other lol. For more trolls and chat fun, kindly check our forum page =>>


The females and males in the chat are very friendly and very engaging in conversation each other, it looks refreshing and clean without spam and abuses. But there is only one pest who is keep knocking the front door everyday and vanishes once we answer the door. You know him, so no need to reveal his name in here. Totally not worth it. Apart from this, all looking good and clean.


There is a bit drop in traffic from google due to new algo update. Anyway this site and chat was inactive for past one year and i can’t blame google for it. Anyway soon the google bots gonna be busy crawling our page continuously. Am gonna give it another 30-45 days time period to get back in the form.

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