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Request to facilitate another room - reg.

Silver Hawk

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Admin ji,

Peak time (around 9 pm - 12 am) la user list 45 plus reach aagudhu. General ah 20 plus active users irundhale, mains romba fast ah pogum. Proper ah texts or voice clips follow up panuradhu konjam kastam dan. ipo double the users mains la active ah irukuradhu innum kastam aakudhu follow up panuradhuku.

Mains la active ah irukura admins kita additional room ku req panum podhu, user count 50 plus irundha dan mudiyum nu solitaru. 50 plus users list la irundhu 5 user koda mains la active ah ila na, additional room irundhu use ila. So, I guess compared to user count, mains la active ah irukura users ah vachi inoru room add pannina nala irukum.

PS: Req users not to write irrelevant comments for this post.