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Portion of Carbs


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Carbohydrates -
essential food nutrients contains fiber starches, and sugars
  • We divided simple and complex carbs
  • Chemical structure of foods how quickly t body digest it and get to know whether it's complex or simple one.
  • Usually complex carbs have less contribution to blood sugar
  • But simple carbs increayt risk of sugar levels more.

Now come into Starches

  • It basically contain white substance.
  • More complex one and increase blood sugar level .
  • Carbohydrate highly related to starches in our foods
  • As potatoes corn beetroot turnips radish carrot.. it's includes in rice grains also.

In your plate each meal
  • Protein veggies and carbs for balanced diet .
  • But while take carbs as rice in plate then should be less using of Starches
  • Example
  • rice also carbs
  • Starches also carbs

  1. Vegetables need to be highlights of each meal .
  2. Focus on eating and variety of different colourful vegetables near locally available to you.
  3. Fun fact is starch vegetables are a wonderful source of complex carbs
  4. These can be used as the primary carbohydrates in a each meal.
  5. Whenever we eat plz replace yr 1/2 portion of roti or rice with 3/4 cup of Starchy vegetables with it.

We need to be conscious of what will be in plate for eating, portion and quantity is must for each person,
Don't restrict yr foods but restrict in portion of food. Healthy habit within us to input. ??