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The Funeral Home

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An undertaker, Bernardo, lives with his family in a haunted funeral home. While both he and his stepdaughter Irina believe that the paranormal phenomenon may make them able to see their deceased loved ones, his wife Estela is unhappy. She thinks that he is too obsessed with the paranormal and that he resents her for not being able to give him a biological child. Estela also believes that the house is full of evil due to the machinations of Bernardo's dead father Salvator dabbling in the occult. This leads to an unhappy home environment that results in Irina unable to take part in her ballet hobby.

Bernardo eventually hires a psychic, Ramona, to cleanse the house of spirits. Once in the home Ramona picks up visions revealing the origin of the supernatural phenomena: Estela tricked Bernardo into putting his father in a nursing home, causing Salvador to retaliate by summoning a demon to kill her and Irina. He only grew regretful when he realized that the demon wouldn't stop until Bernardo was also dead. Salvator tried to stop the demon by summoning other spirits, resulting in the haunted home. As things grow more tense, Irina returns home from her grandmother's to help cleanse the house but calls her to pick her up once she becomes too frightened. When she arrives the grandmother is possessed and the demon uses her to kill Ramona.

Irina is chased through the house but has a moment of respite when she meets the spirit of her dead father. This is short lived, as the demon and supernatural phenomena continues to chase after her. Irina comes across the bodies of her mother and Bernardo. Her possessed grandmother attacks Irina, but is momentarily stopped by Estela. Fleeing, Irina takes refuge in a port-a-potty even as the demon tries to break in. It ceases only at dawn, marking the end of Salvator's pact with the demon. The demon leaves behind a ballet outfit as a present. She dons the outfit and dances for the ghosts of her family, after which they revert to their dead forms.

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