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In the Mexican countryside, a scavenger named Manuel finds a spearhead wrapped in a Nazi flag at the ruins of an old church. The spearhead is later revealed as the Spear of Destiny. Manuel becomes possessed and travels to the United States.

In Los Angeles, occult detective John Constantine is called in by Father Hennessy to exorcise a girl possessed by a demon trying to break through to Earth, which should not be possible under the rules of a standing wager between God and Lucifer for mankind's souls. Constantine's driver and apprentice, Chas Kramer, waits in the car as Constantine doesn't believe Chas is ready to exorcise demons. Constantine later meets with the half-angel being Gabriel. He asks Gabriel for a reprieve from his impending death from lung cancer caused by prolonged smoking. Gabriel declines, telling Constantine that he exorcises demons for selfish reasons and cannot buy his way into Heaven, because of the life he took.

After being assaulted by another demon, Constantine goes to Papa Midnite, a reputed witch doctor who runs a club serving as neutral ground where half-breeds do not have to conceal themselves. Midnite doesn't believe Constantine's claim of demons crossing over. Constantine leaves after exchanging hostile words with the half-demon Balthazar.

Elsewhere, a woman named Isabel Dodson commits suicide in a psychiatric hospital. Her twin sister, Detective Angela Dodson, refuses to believe that Isabel, a devout Catholic, would kill herself. Watching security footage of Isabel's suicide, Angela hears her say Constantine's name. Angela finds Constantine and asks him to help investigate her death. After they are attacked by winged demons, which Constantine believes were targeting Angela, he agrees to help.

Constantine briefly transports himself to Hell through the possession of a familiar and sees Isabel damned to eternally relive her suicide. As proof, he is able to bring back her hospital wristband. Constantine explains to Angela that he can see the true nature of the half-breeds. He committed suicide to escape his visions as a teenager and his soul was sent to Hell, but he was revived by paramedics two minutes later; for the sin of taking his own life, his soul is still condemned to go to Hell once he dies. Elsewhere, Father Hennessy investigates Isabel's corpse and finds a mysterious mark on her wrist. Balthazar drowns him in alcohol before he can inform Constantine, but Hennessy recreates the mark by stabbing his own palm with a corkscrew before he dies. Constantine and Angela find the symbol when they search Hennessy's body at the crime scene.

The two examine Isabel's room in the hospital and find a clue (left on the window only revealed by Angela breathing on it) pointing to a prophecy in the Satanic Bible and enlist the help of Constantine's weapons supplier, Beeman, who informs them that the mark belongs to Lucifer's son, Mammon. The prophecy states that Mammon will attempt to claim Earth as his own kingdom. In order to cross over, Mammon requires both a powerful psychic and assistance from God. Constantine and Angela find Beeman's corpse engulfed beneath a swarm of flies.

Angela tells Constantine that Isabel, a clairvoyant and a psychic, was committed by their parents. Angela had the same gift but suppressed it, and now feels guilty that she didn't corroborate Isabel's visions, having feared the treatments Isabel was made to go through. At Angela's insistence, Constantine reawakens her psychic ability through a near-death experience. She immediately finds a clue pinpointing Balthazar as an accomplice to the plot; Constantine interrogates Balthazar, who reveals that Mammon has the Spear, stained with the blood of Christ—the assistance from God. Angela, now the psychic in place of Isabel, is abducted and possessed by an invisible entity.

Constantine convinces Midnite that the demons are breaking the rules. With Midnite's help, Constantine finds out how the Spear emerged and Angela's location. Constantine arms himself and goes to the hospital, reluctantly bringing Chas along. The two fight their way through an army of half-demons to exorcise Angela. Believing they have won, Constantine witnesses an invisible entity kill Chas, which turns out to be Gabriel. Resenting God's favoritism towards humans, Gabriel plans to unleash Hell on Earth to weed out those deemed "unworthy" of God's love. Gabriel casts Constantine from the room and prepares to use the Spear to cut Mammon free from Angela.

Out of options, Constantine slits his wrists. As he bleeds out, Lucifer arrives to personally collect his soul. Constantine tells Lucifer of Mammon's plan to usurp him and Gabriel's part in the plan. Confronted by Lucifer, Gabriel threatens to 'smite' him in God's honor; however, the attack against Lucifer comes up short, revealing to both Gabriel and Lucifer that Gabriel no longer has divine protection. Lucifer proceeds to burn Gabriel's wings, making Gabriel mortal. Lucifer banishes Mammon back to Hell and grants Constantine a wish out of gratitude; Constantine asks that Isabel be released to Heaven. Lucifer complies but realizes too late that he cannot take Constantine to Hell; by selflessly sacrificing himself, Constantine is granted entry to Heaven. Constantine begins to float upwards, but Lucifer, infuriated, intervenes before Constantine can be fully taken by healing Constantine's injuries and cures him of his lung cancer by pulling out the tumors in his lungs, hoping he will eventually damn himself again.

Angela and Constantine depart, leaving the now-human Gabriel. Sometime later, Constantine, now making an effort to quit smoking, entrusts Angela with hiding away the Spear, and in a post-credits scene visits Chas's grave, where Chas appears in an angelic form and ascends into the night sky.

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