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    Remember Awake👉

    Avar love ah pathi chellama kiita thaan kekanum. :cautious:
  2. Mazhai

    Bday wishes section ah ve kaanom!!

    @Nesipaya therila nu chumma iruntha epidi. Sattu butu nu puthu thread bday wishes create panitu, ponna alachitu vaango. naadi aaguthu voi
  3. Mazhai

    Bday wishes section ah ve kaanom!!

    Hehe sure, onnu panalaam puthusa birthdays nu thread arambichu athula elaa post panalaam links Nee yum pannu unkitu irukrathu and Evil , vaishu um panatum
  4. Mazhai

    Bday wishes section ah ve kaanom!!

    Telllu nathiye
  5. Mazhai

    Bday wishes section ah ve kaanom!!

  6. Mazhai

    Chat work agalai

    Ethu paniyum work aagala na, straight kelambi @Nesipaya veetuku poi, ava phone ah vaangi login pani chat panitu vaanga.
  7. Mazhai

    Factuuuu Factuuuu

    You can always ‘de-nazify’ those toxic people. I say invade them!
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    Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee✨

    Nice, aana itha vida Neel Koadugaal song thaan semma intense ah irukum
  9. Mazhai

    My Shrink

    In our country, we don't know what is clinical depression. Just like tuberculosis or diabetics, We don't know that it is a real condition. But we do have shrinks who treat this, day after day, Caring for us, without any pay Lifting our morales, stitching our hearts, Feeding us for day’s all...
  10. Mazhai

    The asinga pattan autokaaran moment

    Hehe Valimai paatha effect pola 😂😂
  11. Mazhai

    Biscuit halwa easy halwa in low budget

    Halwa na nei thookala thaan irukum, so 500 kg ghee kooda pk, but avalo peria tawa ku enga porathu. Veetuku mela solar powered water tank iruku, athu vena use panlaam
  12. Mazhai

    Stoned Love

    Nice 👏🏻 There are other stones in the sand, you just have to look. Besides, your beloved stone would definitely have found a rock by now 😏
  13. Mazhai

    An Immigrant’s love letter

    Haha ❤️❤️ Ty @Phoenix @Nathira Ithu enavo vera oru feeling express pana start panine but aprom distract aagi vera maari vanthuruchu. Aana rendum kitathita true story 😍
  14. Mazhai

    My Kitchen

    lol athuku full vilakam ena na: Microwave iruku, frige iiruku, stove iruku, ungaluku rendu kai iruku, so vanthu samatchu kudunga. Naan venum na parimaariren
  15. Mazhai

    An Immigrant’s love letter

    The saddest moment in the struggle to keep your roots, when your entire life is split between two countries across two oceans Is when your random involuntary thoughts are not in your mother tongue anymore Does this mean am drifting away from my people, my land, my identity? This guilt, which I...