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    This Should not happen anywhere!

    What are you going to advertise about??
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    Ivanunga arivukku oru yellai illama poiruchu

    Cowdung Cake na sapudra cake nu nenaichitaanunga pola. intha review innum amazon la irukku kodumai
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    Video uplaods venum?

    Video option vacha yarachum ethanachum pallana video post panna ellam mootaya kattitu oodiruvenga, appuram ethuku video? lol. Already pallana video evano potatha thagaval vanthathu! paavam Suri konjam nimmathiya thoongattum. lol
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    Say ur opinion about expectation!

    Not sure on what context this is but, 1.If you are expecting something in return from a person for what you are doing to them, it will mostly end up as an disappointment. You have to be sure if they feel the same way that you feel about them. Or they might not be in a situation to give you...
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    Gif/Img upload error

    Giphy is already available through insert media option
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    The Expanse ( 2015 - ...)

    This is one of the best Sci-fi series i have watched, Much better than Interstellar and almost as good as Game of Thrones. Anybody who likes Space exploration and who might have an dream of humans being an Mutiplanet Species might wanna give this series a try, its more Compelling and when Humans...
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    Chat Info Eligibility for Chat Pro Membership.

    Here are the eligibility for Chat-Pro User membership, 1.User must have made at-least 100 posts. 2.User must have at-least 100 reaction score.( based on likes and dislikes) 3.User must have at-least 50 points.( Not mandatory as there are multiple ways for getting points) All these criteria is...
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    Posts waiting for approval

    And it is not set to days or hours ! Any forum Moderator can approve the post at any instant if they feel the posts are fine . But it is set for manual approval.
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    Posts waiting for approval

    The minimum Thread for approval is set to 2, to avoid abuse and spam. So any new members who haven't posted will have to get their First 2 posts approved manually to continue normal posts. The main reason behind this is to avoid these kind of people
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    Bro Konjam nagarunga

    Suri kita solli vachidunga ethukkum oru safety ku ?
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    Bro Konjam nagarunga

    Appo innoru alternative idea, oru naalu ponnunga ivan yenna kaiya pudichi iluthutaan nu chat poora alutha pothum ?? 4+members alutha kooda okay, increase aaga aaga position level : King ku poidalam ?
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    Bro Konjam nagarunga

    ahem sila pala videos, images leak aana may be ?
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    Happens a lot for every single one out there, but its more worser when you are the only kid and there is a that rest of the world that people would wanna compare you with, Haha it's just that way these days. Everyone needs thicker skin these days.
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    the shawshank redemption

    aamam -_- Corrupt people everywhere enna seiya .. those things are actually happening for sure .